Robert McGinnis

We arrive in this season amidst multiple retrogrades, a miasma of energy that could easily keep us fixated on past mistakes and hangups. The Sun strides into Aquarius just in time to cross paths with Mercury. This meeting at the threshold feels like a secret handshake, a fraternal greeting of…

Robert McGinnis

Each December I see countless angry posts on social media, declaring the old year a dumpster fire or some other oddly specific visual metaphor for disaster with a laundry list of unfortunate occurrences all thanks to the calendar date. …

Guido Crepax

Sagittarius teaches us about truth. Its arrow aims at wisdom. It has no fear that the arrow will miss its target — it has only faith in the path ahead.

Like its predecessor Scorpio, Sagittarius is associated with a variety of symbols. Its glyph is clearly evocative of its title…

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

In the quest for improvement there are always challenges along the way. The obstacles we face are powerful tools for transformation, checkpoints for progress and portals of growth.

Astrology can help us navigate the path before us but we don’t exist in a vacuum. Our journey to individuation takes place…

That Astrologer, Fairlie Theta

Fairlie Theta is a professional astrologer and a lifelong student of esoterica, marrying symbolism, semiotics, and psychology || See more at

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