Virgil Finlay 1939

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Leo is associated with the Lion, a timeless symbol of courage and sovereignty. In this Solar Season we learn about our means and capacity for expression, energetic and physical. To astrologers in the middle ages Leo represented Divine Authority and the nobility conferred upon the kings of men — the lion was the noblest of beasts and commonly stood in for mankind and its regents in poetry and art. Leo emphasized the responsibility of authority to lead with grace and conviction because of the divine order which installed them.

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Shadow work has experienced newfound popularity but it’s actually part of a larger process — individuation. Individuation is not about collective comfort — it is necessarily about the singular being at the heart of one’s own existence. While knowledge and understanding of the collective certainly affords its own kind of power, it’s all in the name of better personal understanding and strength of will.

We find that heart embodied in the zodiac by Leo. Ruled by the Sun, which was considered by ancients to be the most regal of the Wandering Stars, Leo is the fire sign most concerned with…

Chelsey Bonestell

The Moon has an incomparable magic. There’s something hypnotizing about its glow — it’s haunting, ethereal, ghostly… Yet that light, its most striking feature, is not its own. Astrologers understood this and took it into consideration in interpreting the body’s significance. Looking back into the field before the rise of the New Age, when nativities were a thing calculated only for kings and nations, the Moon was complicated. It was considered the lowest of the Celestial Hierarchy, one of the nine traditional planets with the most fickle, fleeting nature, and yet it was consulted in all matters. Far from the…

Gino D’Achille

It’s impossible to discuss the subconscious without talking about the shadow.

The subconscious is like the groundwater of the mind, nurturing all life seen from the surface. Dig deep enough and it begins to bubble up and greet you. But without care, that water can be tainted, spreading blight inexplicably across the surface.

The subconscious is home to miraculous things, magic that could never exist in the daylight world. In this realm, intuition reigns supreme. Until we trust the voice within we will constantly fall into traps, unable to outrun our jealousy and resentment. …

Jack Gaughan

Cancer is a complicated season. Ruled by the Moon, the classic divider between the human and divine worlds, it’s a place of both deep personal discovery and collective reflection. As the sign of cardinal water, it’s a receptive, emotional space. Its subconscious depths reach deep into our core while also reflecting and feeding others.

Yet the tale of Cancer isn’t terribly magical. In fact it’s one of the most anticlimactic of the zodiac. Hera, Queen of the Gods, knew she would need help destroying Heracles. She had planned for years, set traps and raised beasts, but Heracles faced her first…

“Art Official Age,” 2014 photograph by Maya Washington

When we talk about alchemists, we usually picture the old men of European etchings bent over strange-looking tubes and vials, desperately searching for a gleam in the muck around them. The term “magician” will either conjure up a stage illusionist, all tuxedo tails and white rabbits, or bearded men in spangled robes summoning angels from the ether. But in truth, occultists can look like anyone else. Some achieve wisdom and power through old tomes and complex ritual, but others display innate understanding from the start. …

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

The journey to self always involves comparison and contrast to other, an exploration of duality and contrast that sharpens our intelligence and hones our perspective. In tarot, this point arrives with the Lovers, the 6th card of the major arcana. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the most misread cards in the system. As tarot continues to capture the imagination of artists and seekers and new versions of the card continue to appear, the card is portrayed as one of romance and longing featuring couples in acts of embrace, hands grasping, lips crushed in passion. It’s interpreted literally as earthly relationships…

The line of the horizon marks the end of our perception. It’s a literal vanishing point, the boundary of our established experience. In recent centuries we understand that this is more optical illusion than geographic fact: the world is not flat, and there is no point where we — or our experience — drop off the face of the Earth. The Earth is round. Sometimes advancement is circular.

Gemini was the patron constellation of those who bravely pursued the horizon. Its appearance in the sky heralded the stormy season, a physical representation of the restlessness that stirred within. Polarity was…

Escape the Night, 1948

What drives paranoia?

We may think that it’s a fear of the new, an inability to quantify the changes on the horizon, to see where they may lead. Over the last few years, many have invoked visions of dystopia as a dark parallel of our rapidly changing society. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Terry Gilliam, and Margaret Atwood gave us some of the most enduring visions of a fear-based future, but these dystopian nightmares have something more than their fear in common, and it links them with this very moment in time: Saros Cycle 121.

The name sounds like yet another…

“Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades…?”

It’s a curious question posed to Job in his eponymous Book of the Old Testament. Especially after the last few years, Job is a relatable character: he’s a respected citizen, a devoutly pious man, a caring father, and a hardworking businessman. Yet Job’s story is not a happy one. Over the course of the book, Job sees his livestock stolen, his fields burned, his entire household murdered before he himself is beset with terrible illness. Even when his friends advise him to abandon hope, Job continues to appeal to his faith…

That Astrologer, Fairlie Theta

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