How Father Sky became the Houseless Wanderer: Astromythology and Uranus (Part 1)

That Astrologer, Fairlie Theta
5 min readJan 25, 2021
D’Aurlaires, 1962

I’m often asked for recommendations on where to get started with astrology. What are my favourite books, authors, websites, apps? I have a go-to list that I recommend to anyone looking to really dive in–books by Isabel Hickey, Noel Tyl, a handful of podcasts and YouTube lectures. It can be a dense field at best (and complete fluff at worst), and I know it’s tricky to sift through resources. But if we’re being honest, it’s not how I got started.

Human beings learn best through narrative. We remember best through narrative as well, and creating stories around the systems in our lives helps us remember all the moving parts. Astrology is no different. It comes with a wealth of stories to help us unravel many of the complex meanings within. Those stories were a large part of my introduction to astrology, as part of my third grade literature curriculum.

I’m talking about mythology.

You’ve probably realized that most astral bodies are named after mythological figures. The traditional planets of astrology–Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn–are all named for Roman gods, giving a good indication of their roles. But the real magic comes in when you apply this narrative system to the relationships between each planet and other objects in your chart. They add personality and motivation to celestial bodies so often reduced to keywords and bullet points. I’d like to excavate some of these stories and examine them under a modern astrological lens to illuminate the narratives these bodies help us weave.

And I’d like to start with Uranus.

Sentinum Mosaic, c AD 200

I always felt Uranus had a strange planetary namesake–he wasn’t a god so much as a primordial being, a proto-god if you will. Ouranos was Father Sky to Mother Earth, the husband of Gaia and father of the Titans among several other pre-Olympian races. He was the first entity to establish rulership of the universe, the progenitor of several generations of kingly gods. In many ways, Ouranus was the original patriarch of Greek mythology, the literal founding father of the mythological system we know and…



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