The Kingmaker: Eclipse Season in the Age of Individualism

That Astrologer, Fairlie Theta
5 min readMay 5, 2023

Eclipses drive me a little bit crazy.

Not the energy, though there’s always a particular intensity to the lunation it accompanies.

What drives me up a wall is the astrological chatter. Every Insta-astrologer and self-styled guru with a social media presence offers advice for utilizing the eclipse, harnessing it to manifest wealth, love, opportunity, a new apartment… It’s a cacophony of largely-repeating voices offering nothing of value and contributing nothing more than misinformation which not only lacks scholarship but is, quite frankly, unprofessional.

I am firmly of the mind that eclipses aren’t really personal events.

They can affect personal matters, especially if you have strong placements along their axis, but they’re not powerful portals to your manifestation goals. Neither are they malevolent forces hellbent on destroying your (or your neighbor’s or your ex-boyfriend’s or your dog’s) life. Most people simply play too small to find themselves in the cross hairs of a transit once considered to hold the fate of dynasties. Very few people play on that scale.

And that’s precisely why it’s difficult to offer advice during these times. Instead of looking at our own lives, we need to extend our vision outwards and consider the world in which we live.

Robert McGinnis 1959

In ancient times, eclipses were kingmakers. Those in power sought the advice of astrologers and magicians in order to secure their legacy in what could be very unstable times. These tumultuous celestial events were nothing less than sublime reminders of an authority beyond human will — the very Hand of God at work.

Despite the Moon’s association with “the common people,” it’s unlikely that we truly ever see the full effects of eclipses on today’s emperors. And this eclipse is a stark reminder of this. Scorpio is a sign that works from the shadows. It’s the coiling serpent, the life beneath the surface. Very few people ever see the true face of power. It’s also the sign of the moon’s fall, a detrimental placement that pits the moons natural tendency towards intuition and emotion with Scorpio’s calculation and depth. The result is a capriciousness and unpredictable. Sitting opposite Taurus, it asks how much can be taken with or…



That Astrologer, Fairlie Theta

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